Simple Slow Step by Step Dvd On How To Use An iPhone in just 5 days. Created For Seniors Who Are Complete Beginners

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Are you tired of feeling completely helpless over technology ? Are you a teen and tired of helping your parents and grandparents with their cellphone only to ask you again a couple of minutes later ?

Well we finally have the answer for you !!

Hi Tech Seniors presents A step by step dvd showing how to use an iPhone from scratch and teachers seniors how to use a smartphone in just 5 days! 

This 3 hour DVD covers everything from how to scroll, how to send your first message , how to call, email , google etc!

This DVD has helped over 1000 seniors join the cyber future.

Perfect for seniors who have an iPhone lying around in the house and have no idea how to use it !


The DVD consists of 4 Chapters , and patiently goes through every concept of the iPhone.  It is an interactive DVD and seniors have the opportunity to go through the course at their own pace. 

The reason why the DVD has helped so many individuals is because all the Senior needs is a DVD player , an internet connection and her own iPhone.

Each Chapter can be replayed until fully understood , and the senior doesn't feel like she is bothering anyone as she can progress at her own pace and understanding.

Here is a snippet from one of the chapters.

What is the Internet ?:

 As you can see our intro's are simple and explained well.

This is how we explain all concepts of the iPhone:

How to scroll on your iPhone and the exterior buttons explained video.

 As you can see its great because the videos are explained simply & slowly , are clear and visual so that the senior can match the live image on their TV screen to their phone in their hands.

They won't need to ask impatient grandchildren or drive all the way to a shopping mall to ask for help ! All your questions are answered in the convenience of your own home and we offer a full helpline for seniors to call on.

The Course Topics



- Introduction to the course

- What is the internet? Simply Explained

- What is the difference between wifi and mobile data?

Chapter 1 

- How to setup iPhone from scratch ( 10:00 )

- Exterior buttons explained + how to swipe and scroll ( 20:00 )

- Applications and home buttons explained + how to delete apps ( 25:05 )

- Control centre & Notifications explained ( 38:06 )

- Opening & Closing Tabs + Settings On iPhone explained ( 52:30 )

Chapter 2

- How to make a phone call (1:00:00)

- How to send an sms ( 1:10:54 )

- How to take a photo & record a video ( 1:20:35 )

- How to sign into your email ( 1:30:50 )

- How to create an email account ( 1:35:20 )

- How to send an email ( 1:45:05 )

- How to send an attachment with email (1:47:40 )

Chapter 3

V13 - Creating Your Apple I.D ( 2:02:12 )

V14 - Google explained & how to Google ( 2:14:55 )

V15 - How to download apps ( WhatsApp, Youtube etc ) ( 2:30:54 )

V16 - How to send photos + screenshot ( 2:37:08 )

V17 - Customizing your iPhone ( 2:45:50 )

V18 - How to backup your iPhone into the Cloud ( 2:55:00 )


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